What We Do

We custom design and produce North America’s finest refrigerated, non-refrigerated, and heated showcases primarily for the food industry.



About Us




At Vega Manufacturing we take pride in offering simple solutions to complex problems. As a customer you are not interested in dealing with the issues, at the end of the day all you want is an elegant showcase to display your products. Let us handle the details, and in the end your products will look better when displayed in a Vega showcase.

Below are several examples of challenges we encountered, and the custom solutions we devised to overcome them.




Custom Deli/Market with Bakery & Café

This customer had 10,000 square feet of space, and he wanted to build a custom deli/market with a bakery and café.

The main issue was the massive amount of floor area we had to work with. We had to come up with a design that would use this space efficiently and allow for the three separate product centers.

We took on the challenge and gave the customer exactly what he wanted. The deli/market was built as a separate area of the store to provide customers with take-out items while flowing into the café and bakery. The set up allowed for breakfast, lunch, and dinner configurations with ample seating.




Someplace Special

Something that you will rarely ever see in a large department store is a full-service bakery and delicatessen paired together. That is why this is someplace special.

Vega was commissioned to provide the ideal setup for this department by a major Canadian supermarket chain. They wanted a spacious area with lots of bright colours. The theme was built around the floor tile and wall colour sections.

The space we created was exactly what the customer was looking for. As you can see from the pictures a good showcase will cool the product, a great showcase cools properly and when the lights are turned on it disappears and the product is displayed to its full potential.




Custom bakery with uneven Floor Surface

This customer wanted an unbroken showcase lineup for his new bakery. The problem was the building had a very uneven floor surface.

In order for this to work the showcases needed to be completely level for the glass to fit properly and the refrigeration to cool evenly.

The floor surface ran from 0 to 8 inches lower over the length of the bakery. To avoid costly grading and due to time constraints, Vega custom built the lower showcases frames and legs to fit the uneven floor. The result was a very satisfied customer.

This process would have been impossible if the showcases were of the mass produced variety. Vega showcases are built to order and are modular, allowing for future redesign.