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We custom design and produce North America’s finest refrigerated, non-refrigerated, and heated showcases primarily for the food industry.



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Custom Designed Coffee Bar Showcases

Vega’s Coffee Bar Showcase Series is made up of our hybrid Showcase and our “Grab n Go” Showcases. Depending on the model selected this series has the convenience of self-serve, and is built to your specifications to allow you to display more products and serve more customers.

You carry a variety of different products at your coffee shop, and our custom coffee shop showcases provide consistent and beautiful display solutions for all your product lines.




  • Vega’s Hybrid Showcases are specifically designed with the coffee shop in mind. These product display pieces provide a compact split showcase, with both refrigerated and dry sections. Items such as muffins, cookies and brownies can be placed on top, and cakes and pastries on the bottom.

  • Our “Grab n Go” series is a perfect convenient solution for coffee bars and bistros offering self-serve products. Choose from a selection of:


    •Refrigerated Upright Showcases

    •Refrigerated Low Boy Showcases

    •Combo Showcases

    •All of our showcases are custom built to fit seamlessly into your existing colour and design theme.