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We custom design and produce North America’s finest refrigerated, non-refrigerated, and heated showcases primarily for the food industry.



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Delicatessen Showcases

Our full service Delicatessen Showcases are built to fit your needs to allow you to display more of your products, and serve more customers . These food display cases are specifically designed with customer convenience in mind. They also compliment our self-serve showcase series.

This showcase series has the convenience of self-serve, and a consistent display for a variety of prepared goods. Of course all of our showcases are custom designed to fit your specific deli display needs.




  • Vega’s deli self-serve refrigerated showcases also feature the same specially made refrigeration systems as the Refrigerated deli Showcases. These airflow systems maintain consistent temperature and humidity levels for long-lasting freshness in your deli produce. The self-serve Showcase features a low profile with a two step stainless steel display platform for optimum visibility.