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We custom design and produce North America’s finest refrigerated, non-refrigerated, and heated showcases primarily for the food industry.



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Below are some questions commonly asked by prospective customers. Of course, every customer and location is different, so if you don’t see the answer to your particular questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call.





Can we remove the front glass from a service case in busy times to facilitate self-service?

No, The front glass plays a major part in the environmental control of the display case, unless the case has specifically been designed to operate as a self service case.


Can we remove the rear doors on a service case during busy times and still maintain the temperature?

Showcases require the rear sliding doors to help control air flow. If the sliding doors are kept open for busier hours the compressor will run longer to keep the showcase cool. It is not recommended.


What type of lights do I need to purchase for my display case?

Vega display cases come with standard T8 warm white fluorescent tubes with 830 color spectrum. The tubes are in a sleeve guard, which serves two purposes, one being in the event of impact damage and the tube shatters the sleeve contains the broken glass until you can get the product out of the case to change the light tube. And two, it prevents the ultra violet rays from affecting the product.


When I expand, can I add to this line-up and not have it look like a patch job?

Vega has been manufacturing quality display cases for 20 years and we have many customers who in that time have purchased their first location, moved or renovated; expanded and added cases to their line ups and Vega has been able to match their equipment needs. Vega will continue to make our cases available to our established customers.


When should I choose remote refrigeration in place of self-contained refrigeration?

The advantage of using remote refrigeration is, you can remove the heat and noise of multiple compressors from your retail area. In addition with remote refrigeration and floor drains all of the heat generating components have been removed from the store front and are usually placed in an area where servicing them is easier. Like any motor they require service.


In dryer climates, can I add humidification into a display case?

Adding humidification to a Vega showcase isn’t necessarily related just to dryer climates. Vega uses custom engineered over sized coils that allow us to run the coils a little warmer. This is done to help keep the coils moist and reduce frosting. Chocolates require much less moisture and do better in a very dry case.


What can I use to clean my showcase?

The recommended cleaning is to use soap and water. (Do not use Chlorine or Bleach).



How often should I clean the compressor on a self-contained showcase?

The compressor on a self-contained showcase should be cleaned at least once per month, using a soft cloth or a soft brush being careful not to bend the aluminum finning.



What can I do about condensation on the front glass?

Vega showcases come with defogger fans to limit the amount of condensation. Also, do not place the showcases under an air conditioning vent.