Custom Designed Modular Showcases

The distinct features of the Modular Series are the large visual display area and the convenient customer side purse shelf. The internal display configuration is made specifically for each type of product. The various models in this series provide the flexibility to suit many different applications.

The “Grab n Go” showcase series has the convenience of self-serve, and a consistent display for a variety of prepared goods. Of course all of our showcases are custom designed to fit your specific deli display needs.

  • Refrigerated pastry showcase
  • Non-Refrigerated bakery showcase
  • RefrigeratedDelicatessen/SavoryShowcases
  • RefrigeratedChocolateShowcases
  • Hot Food Showcases
  • SandwichPreparationShowcases

Refrigerated Pastry Showcases

Vega’s Modular Series Pastry Showcases utilize specially made refrigeration and airflow systems to ensure the proper temperature and environment for cakes and pastries. Some features of the Refrigerated Pastry Showcase include:

  • Tilt down curved front glass

  • Warm tone lighting

  • Electronic ballasts

  • Pull-out sliding drawer(s)

  • Computerized temperature control with automatic defrost

  • Front glass defogger